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Check Status of Your Case with L&T Quest®

Goldberg & Lustig provides our clients with secure online access to easily check the ongoing status of their case(s).

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L&T Quest® is a remote computer system specially designed to allow landlord-tenant clients to track the progress of their cases online twenty-four hours a day through the internet, which helps to perform Landlord-Tenant litigation quickly and efficiently.

If you're using Microsoft Windows - there is no software to have installed on your side.

In order to be able to check status of your case you need:

  • to be a current client of Goldberg & Lustig, PLLC
  • to obtain a user name and password from Goldberg & Lustig, PLLC system administrator

If you are interested in this service and satisfy the requirements above - we will arrange for our technology partner to visit your office and provide a free training session.