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Goldberg, Lustig & Steckler

Our Team

The “Goldberg, Lustig & Steckler Team” is comprised of experienced and dedicated attorneys, secretaries, paralegals and associated of-counsel lawyers who all work together to provide the highest level of legal representation with the utmost personal care and attention to our clients.

Our Landlord-Tenant Support Staff

Donna Caputo:

Donna is our Account Manager, Hold-Over Specialist, Principal typist and Appointment Coordinator

Phone: (718) 858-4250
Email: Donna@glsattorneys.com


Darnay Hubbard:
Darnay is our Warrant Clerk who coordinates evictions, and inputs new non-payment cases.

Phone: (718) 858-4250
Email: Darnay@glsattorneys.com

Jackie Mendoza:

Jackie is our principal Calendar Clerk who will contact you with your Court date and also inputs non-payment cases.

Phone: (718) 858-4250
Email: Jackie@glsattorneys.com

Maria Solano:
Maria is our primary Billing Clerk who makes sure you get updates on court results mailed/emailed.

Phone: (718) 858-4250
Email: Maria@glsattorneys.com